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Info Brief - Reducing emissions and enhancing livelihoods in Fiji

Fiji needs to propose an Emission Reductions Programme (ERP) in order to qualify for funding from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) for forest carbon funding. The ERP will serve to implement the National REDD+ Policy and support the...Read more

Emission Reduction Program Idea Note (ER-PIN) - Fiji

Fiji REDD+ Achievements

The poster highlights some of the key REDD+ achievements in: Policy & national activities, Demonstation site and Technical. ...Read more

Info Brief - The Fiji National REDD+ Programme

REDD+ is reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forest and forest carbon stock enhancement.

FIND out more on Fiji's National REDD+ Programme in the Info Brief...Read more

The Fiji National REDD+ Programme

Communication/Knowledge Management Specialist

Advert for Communication /Knowledge Management SpecialistRead more

Aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions REDD+ will result in other benefits

Aside from reducing emission REDD+ will result in other benefits

The poster illustratrates co-benefits that forests provide.Read more

The Fiji National REDD+ Pilot Site - Emalu, Navosa Province

The Emalu booklet contains background information on the Fiji National REDD+ pilot site. It also features activties that have been carried out in the pilot sie since its establishment. ...Read more

Developing the Fiji REDD+ Strategy

Presentation by Mr Samuela Lagataki, Conservator of Forests - Forestry DeparmentRead more

Role of the National REDD+ Steering Committee in implementation

Presentation by Mr Eliki Senivasa, Deputy Conservator of Forests (Services) - Forestry DepartmentRead more

Development of Fiji's Readiness Preparation Proposal

Presentation by REDD+ SecretariatRead more

Overview of REDD+ Development in Fiji

Presentation by the REDD+ SecretariatRead more

FCPF - Introduction to REDD+ and Overview of the FCPF Readiness Phase

Presentation by Ms Haddy Sey, Senior Social Development Specialist - World BankRead more

Constructing a Reference Emission Level/Reference Level for Fiji

The report reflects the exercise by Scope14+ to determine a national Reference Emission Level or Refernce Level (REL/RL) for Fiji according to the recommended SBSTA modalities and other relevant internationally recognised guidelines.Read more

TOR for REDD+ Adviser - Fiji

Curbing the clearing of forests is a major and necessary tactic in the fight against climate change. This has led to the development of a framework called REDD+. REDD+ is an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest...Read more

A Sourcebook - Biodiversity Monitoring for REDD+

Published by the ZSL (Zoological Society of London) in collaboration with GIZ.  Features case studies notably from Fiji, Vietnam and the Philippines through respective projects/programs....Read more

Readiness Preparation Proposal(RPP) for Fiji

Fiji's Readiness Preparation Proposal to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) - Revised January 2014Read more

A rapid biodiversity assessment @ archaeological survey of the Fiji REDD+ pilot site: Emalu forest, Viti Levu (draft report)

A draft report of the biodiversity and archaeological survey that was conducted on Fiji's REDD+ pilot site: Emalu forest, Viti LevuRead more

Republic of Fiji: Reference Database and Validation Concept for Remote Sensing based Forest Cover Change

This accuracy assessment of the available data and data storage on the forest resources in Fiji shows that managed commercial forests are well documented, while indigenous forests usually lack good quality data, due to uncontrolled utilization....Read more

iTaukei Focus

Quarterly Newsletter by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs highlighting the programmes and policies that iTaukei institutions are overseeing.Read more

Fiji Forest Decree workshop Review 2010 - Fiji One news

News segment on Fiji's multi stakeholder workshop to review Fiji's Forest Decree. Main revisions are to promote sustainable forest management and take into consideration current issues like forest carbon.Read more

Fiji REDD-plus Policy (iTaukei version 2012)

REDD+ and Forest Carbon Rights in Fiji - Background legal analysis

The purpose of this Paper is to describe the relevance of carbon rights for REDD+ in Fiji and to identify the options for the ownership of forest carbon rights. A forest carbon right is the legal right of a person or group in relation to forest...Read more

Pacific Islands Regional Policy Framework for REDD-plus

The 3rd Regional Meeitng of Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry, convened by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community on 28 September 2012 in Nadi, Fiji, endorsed the Pacific Islands Regional Policy Framework for REDD+

2013...Read more

Fiji REDD-plus Policy

The Fiji REDD-Plus Policy was endorsed by the Fiji Cabinet on 07 December 2010 and officially launched by the Fiji Permanent Secretary of Fisheries and Forests, Mr Viliame Naupoto, on Wednesday 09 March 2011.

Fiji recognises REDD-Plus as...Read more

Building a forest carbon monitoring, reporting and verification system: The New Zealand experience

An informative background on the New Zealand MRV system, including challenges faced. Presented during the Fiji REDD Policy Scoping workshop, September 2009.

Author: Dr Ian Payton, Landcare NZ
Date: September 2009Read more

Field Monitoring for Carbon Projects (2009)

Comprehensively describes field methodologies for estimating forest carbon pools. Presented during the Fiji REDD Policy Scoping workshop, September 2009.

Author: Dr Ian Payton, Landcare, New Zealand
Date: September 2009
...Read more

Forest change detection in Fiji as visual image interpretation

Presentation elaborating the process and methodologies currently undertaken in Fiji to determine the forest cover change in Fiji from 1991.

Delivered at the Fiji REDD Strategy planning workshop that took place in Suva, Fiji from 25 – 26...Read more

REDD MRV – updates from international negotiations

Presentation giving an update on international policies and recommendations on REDD+ measurements, reporting and verification.

Delivered at the Fiji REDD Strategy planning workshop that took place in Suva, Fiji from 25 – 26 November 2010...Read more

Fiji National Forest Carbon Stock Assessment - Version 1

In December 2010 the Fiji Forestry Department, under the tutelage and supervision of international expert, Dr Ian Payton undertook a national forest carbon stock estimation to enable Fiji to proceed to the IPCC Tier 2 in national forest carbon...Read more

Determining REL/RL in support of a REDD+ Program in Fiji

Presentation given at the Fiji Workshop on developing national forest reference levels/reference emission levels (RL/REL) for Fiji. The presentation provides some background information on the current discussions on REDD+ and also more...Read more

REDD+ Website launch - Fiji One News

Fiji Forestry Department launches Fiji REDD+ website


Na Veikau, Draki Veisau kei na REDD+

Na Veikau kei na Draki Veisau


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News on the Fiji REDD+ Policy and benefits for Fiji. Fiji TV News 2011.


...Read more

Pacific Regional REDD+ consultation for policy framework

Members of the Pacific Island Countries meet in Suva, Fiji for consultation of policy framework on REDD+


...Read more

Development of technical parameters for the integration of SFM and REDD+

Field activities and first results at the demonstration area in Nakavu (Fiji)Read more

Forest, Climate Change & REDD-Plus

Fiji REDD Policy Scoping Report (2009)

The Fiji REDD Scoping Report was developed during the Fiji Scoping workshop held in Suva, September 2009. The report discusses the "scale", "scope", "reference level", "financing", "distribution" and "governance" issues identified by Fiji...Read more

SPC_GIZ_2012 Forest REDD+ Posters

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Forests, Climate Change and REDD+Read more

SPC GIZ 2012 FijiNationalREDD+ Poster

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Regional Forest Carbon Workshop, Nadi, Fiji, 2012 - Fiji One News

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Workshop bringing together Pacific Island countries to discuss "who owns the carbon" ni the context of REDD+

...Read more

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