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Request for Quotation - Forest Inventory Equipment

Ministry of ForestsRequest for Quotation – RQ01/18

Date of publication: 14/03/2018

REDD+ Unit, Ministry of Forests invites quotation to supply Forest Inventory Equipment as given in the table attached from...Read more

Fiji REDD+ Consultation and Participation Plan

The Consultation and Participation (C&P) Plan is a requirement under the FCPF readiness phase that will ensure that consultations with stakeholders are carried out effectively and are well documented with stakeholder input into the REDD+...Read more

REDD+ Fiji Communications Strategy

The Fiji National REDD+ Programme Communications Strategy validated by the National REDD+ Steering Committee (NRSC). 
 Read more

Info Brief - Biomass and carbon stock measurement

Fiji will report at international level about the changes of carbon stored in its forests, using the remote sensing, forestry inventory, carbon measurement and carbon calculation. 
Read more from Info Brief attached. 
For further...Read more

TOR for REDD+ Unit Coordinator - Fiji

Terms of Reference REDD+ Unit Coordinator - Fiji
Location: Fiji REDD+ Unit, Forestry Department
Duration: 2 years (31 May 2019)
Expected date of start: June 15th 2017Read more

Info Brief - Reducing emissions and enhancing livelihoods in Fiji

Fiji needs to propose an Emission Reductions Programme (ERP) in order to qualify for funding from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) for forest carbon funding. The ERP will serve to implement the National REDD+ Policy and support the...Read more

Info Brief - The Fiji National REDD+ Programme

REDD+ is reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forest and forest carbon stock enhancement.

FIND out more on Fiji's National REDD+ Programme in the Info Brief...Read more

Aside from reducing emission REDD+ will result in other benefits

The poster illustratrates co-benefits that forests provide.Read more

Measuring, Reporting and Verification for REDD-plus

Presentation by Dr Carly Green (MRV & RL)Read more

Safeguards requirements of the World Bank: SESA and ESMF and GRM

Presentation by Ms Pene Ferguson and Ms Claire Forbes - World Bank Safeguards SpecialistRead more

Constructing a Reference Emission Level/Reference Level for Fiji

The report reflects the exercise by Scope14+ to determine a national Reference Emission Level or Refernce Level (REL/RL) for Fiji according to the recommended SBSTA modalities and other relevant internationally recognised guidelines.Read more

Republic of Fiji: Legal Framework for REDD+

The report provides a legal context to the various issues relating to REDD+ in Fiji. These include the required institutional arrangements, land tenure issues, regulatory instruments, leasing structures, identification of carbon rights,...Read more

A rapid biodiversity assessment @ archaeological survey of the Fiji REDD+ pilot site: Emalu forest, Viti Levu (draft report)

A draft report of the biodiversity and archaeological survey that was conducted on Fiji's REDD+ pilot site: Emalu forest, Viti LevuRead more

Fiji REDD-plus Policy (iTaukei version 2012)

Fiji REDD-plus Policy

The Fiji REDD-Plus Policy was endorsed by the Fiji Cabinet on 07 December 2010 and officially launched by the Fiji Permanent Secretary of Fisheries and Forests, Mr Viliame Naupoto, on Wednesday 09 March 2011.

Fiji recognises REDD-Plus as...Read more

Fiji REDD Policy Scoping Report (2009)

The Fiji REDD Scoping Report was developed during the Fiji Scoping workshop held in Suva, September 2009. The report discusses the "scale", "scope", "reference level", "financing", "distribution" and "governance" issues identified by Fiji...Read more

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