Vunivia REDD+ Socio-economic & Land Use Survey, 2013

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The first phase of the Vunivia National REDD+ pilot site surveys in the district of Dogotuki was conducted from Monday 30 September to Saturday 12 October. The Survey team included the Department of Agriculture Land Use officers from the Central and Northern Division, Emalu landowner youths, Ministry of iTaukei Affairs-Cultural Mapping Unit, Fiji Forestry Department and SPC/GIZ CCCPIR.

Objectives of the survey were to gather and assess baseline socio-economic information of the communities and current agricultural progression in the area. The Vunivia REDD+ pilot site is the second national REDD+ pilot site in Fiji. The surveys were conducted respectively for the Mataqali Namako and Nubunilagi of the Yavusa Vitina in the Province of Macuata. The 2 week field programme involved socio-economic surveys of the mataqali communities and households and land use mapping of the pilot site and nearby areas.  


The Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach was adopted for the socio-economic survey in which the land owning participants were very instrumental in providing the information needed. Land owners were also actively involved in the land use surveys as field guides that provided much assistance to the land use survey team. Information gathered from the surveys would be helpful in future REDD+ development of the pilot site.

Publication Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2013