Trees secure the future

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PS Education and PS Forests with Tuvu primary school children

LET us plant a tree today as this secures our future and has proven to us over the years that it supplies us with wood for firewood, timber for our homes, energy for warmth and electricity and so forth.
Permanent Secretary for Education, Iowane Tiko made the comment while officiating at the International Day of Forests held at Tuvu Primary School in Ba today.
He said that students need to learn about their environment and how to look after it.
"Parents and teachers alike need to teach children of the importance of caring for their environment," Mr Tiko said.
Meanwhile while opening the event today the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries and Forests, Samuela Lagataki said this has become an annual event which will be part and parcel of the continuous public awareness programme organised by the Forestry department to continuously inculcate a sense of responsibility and love to the nation's forests and nature.
"Promoting forest restoration and avoiding forest loss will require a significantly increased level of funding and innovative financing, including from private funds and traditional investors, in the coming years," Mr Lagataki said.
He said Department of Forests had committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals relating to forests that have shown great perception in linking together the forests and energy so closely together to ensure environmental sustainability and sustainable energy goals.
Three hundred students from different schools attended the event which had the theme Forests and Energy.

Publication Date: 
Thursday, March 23, 2017