Trees grow well despite threats

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Emalu nursery

DESPITE unfavourable conditions, the pilot REDD+ site at Draubuta Village in Navosa is seeing some success as trees on the project site continue to grow well. Monitoring conducted on the site showed trees on the largely forest area had coped well "despite ongoing dry conditions and persistence of free roaming animals", according to a statement from the REDD+ unit of the Ministry of Forests.
The project is being monitored by specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture's Land Use Section, the Ministry of Forests' extension division, REDD+ Unit and the German Agency for International Co-operation (GIZ).
The REDD+ site is a forest area which belongs to the mataqali Emalu of yavusa Emalu in Navosa province and is the first practical exercise of Fiji's national REDD+ programme.
The Draubuta site covers an area of 7347ha of mostly forests although there are pockets marked for protection because there are challenges in the terrain and soil quality.
During a REDD+ visit, the team found native tree species had improved survival rates compared with trees planted in an earlier phase. Newly-planted Dakua Makadre and fruit trees such as avocado, citrus and mango also thrive on the site.

Publication Date: 
Monday, February 20, 2017