Stakeholders reminded to reduce carbon emissions

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Participants at the GHG Inventory workshop


Stakeholders from the forestry, land and agricultural sector were reminded of their roles in the communities as agents of reducing global warming. This was highlighted by Ministry of Fisheries and Forests permanent secretary, Samuela Lagataki at the National Greenhouse Gas Inventories in Suva yesterday. Lagataki says global warming is the result of increasing concentrations of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases are water, vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and Ozone. He says the agriculture, forestry and land use sectors are responsible for close to 24 percent of total GHGs emissions of which around 10-12 percent is from the forest sector. Lagataki adds the meeting is able to provide the report on our GHGs emissions as required under the United Nations Framework for Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). He says the purpose of the workshop is to identify our areas of need and the program for building our capacity in order to fulfil our reporting obligation under the convention.


Taken from/By: FBC News

Report by: Akosita Talei

Publication Date: 
Thursday, July 6, 2017