Fiji REDD+ Newsletter Jun 2017

Bula! Attached is the Fiji National REDD+ Programme June 2017 Newsletter. 
Stories include : 

1. Conservator of Forests retire after 30 years of service

2. REDD+ Readiness activities reviewed

3. Tree planting and awareness with communities marks International Day of Forests 2017

4. Monitoring, reporting and verification of forest work begins 

5. MRV consultancy kicks off with an inception workshop 

6. Bon Voyage Bjoern 

7. Yavusa Naisogoika expresses interest in REDD+ and on the Collared petrel 

8. Alternative Livelihood Opportunities discussed with Naroko Women, Ra

9. Hard work pays off - honey harvest in Draubuta 

10. Update on REDD+ activities to landowners outside of the Emalu pilot site 

11. SDGs and Forests 



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