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Terms of Reference REDD+ Unit Coordinator - Fiji 


Location:    Fiji REDD+ Unit, Forestry Department  

Duration:    2 years (31 May 2019) 

Expected date of start:    June 15th 2017  


1 Background  

REDD+ development in Fiji started in 2009 through the development of its REDD+ Policy to guide the operationalisation of the REDD+ activities, defining procedures and processes to be adopted nationally in accordance with the methodological frameworks under the global convention on climate change. REDD+ will play an important role in Fiji’s development path, as forests hold an important place in the country’s culture, history, environment and economy. All REDD+ activities are guided by a national REDD+ Steering Committee which is chaired by the National REDD+ Focal Point, under the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests. The National REDD+ Secretariat facilitates implementation of the overall National REDD+ Programme. 

In December 2013, Fiji joined the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and received a grant of USD3.8mil to support the implementation of activities outlined in the country’s Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP). The FCPF grant specifically funds the following components: 1) Institutional Strengthening for REDD+ (including the establishment and operationalization of the National REDD+ Unit); 2) Development of a REDD+ strategy (includes analytical work); 3) Establishment of a monitoring system for REDD+ (include designing and developing a reference emission level, a MRV system, and a safeguard information system).  The delivery partner of the grant is the World Bank.  

In 2016, Fiji was accepted into the Carbon Fund pipeline of the FCPF. The development of the Emission Reductions Programme Document (ERPD) is underway and integrated into the Terms of Reference for the major consultancies that contribute to national REDD+ readiness.  

After almost two years into the FCPF Readiness Project, the implementation rate is critically slow and there is a need to accelerate implementation of project activities and strengthen the coordinating of the different entities that contribute to the achievements of the project’s targets as outlined in the R-PP.   


2 Job description  

The Forestry Department is seeking to contract a national REDD+ Unit Coordinator to coordinate the implementation of the FCPF Readiness Project and the preparation and implementation of the Emission Reductions Program (ERP). The coordinator will ensure that the Projects will be implemented in a timely and efficient manner with high quality outputs and results. To this end the coordinator will be in charge of the day to day management of the projects. S/He will manage the team within the REDD+ Unit to make sure that they will perform in a manner that ensures timely and quality deliverables. Furthermore, s/he will coordinate externally with the relevant stakeholders engaged in the REDD+ process, including steering committee, various government agencies, CSOs, 

bilateral organizations, private sector and others. The REDD+ Unit Coordinator reports to the National Focal Point with the primary responsibility of a project coordinator being to keep the project and all related processes running smoothly. 


3 Tasks  

REDD+ Unit Coordination:  1 Directly supervise and mange staff of the REDD+ Unit to ensure fulfilment of their TORs and evaluate their performance annually.  2 Oversee the day-to-day management of activities carried out by the REDD+ Unit in close coordination with the Technical Advisor.  3 Organize weekly meeting with the REDD+ Unit to get an update on progress made in delivering tasks, identify bottlenecks and provide support as needed. 4 Report to REDD+ Focal Point weekly on the progress and obtain support to resolve challenging issues. Coordination and management of operations:  5 Review the REDD+ progress in line with the targeted timelines for the improvement and achievement of the targeted outcome under the FCPF grant in line with the overall National REDD+ program for Fiji; 6 Develop and update annual work plan and budget for FCPF operations (REDD+ Readiness Project and ERP) and submit to the World Bank for approval on time. 7 Closely monitor the Gantt chart milestones to ensure timely delivery of outputs and work required by each member of the REDD+ Unit. Identify delays, communicate these to the REDD+ Focal Point in a timely manner and suggest and carry out remedies to address delays.  8 Simplify reviewing processes where possible and increase efficiency to accelerate project implementation given the significant delay. 9 With the inputs from the Executive Officer, develop and update 18-month procurement plan and submit to the World Bank for approval on time. 10 Work closely with the National REDD+ Focal Point and the Technical Advisor on strategic planning for the design and development of the ER Programme to ensure that specific program interventions are defined, respective roles and responsibilities of public and nonpublic stakeholders are clarified, and relevant incentive structures established.  11 Develop a timeline and work plan for development of the ER Programme, including the Emission Reductions Programme Document (ERPD), in collaboration with the Technical Advisor.  12 Identify additional input or activities needed to advance ER Programme development, in collaboration with the Technical Advisor. Communicate additional needs to the World Bank team to secure financing for additional ER Program development activities not yet covered by REDD+ Readiness grant financing.  Monitoring and Reporting: 13 With the support of the Technical Advisor draft quarterly and annual progress reports and submit to the World Bank on a timely basis. 14 In coordination with the Senior Accounts Officer, ensure that audit reports and financial statements are submitted to the World Bank on time. 15 Liaise with the World Bank task team on project progress and raise any emerging issues to seek support.  16 Supervise preparation for World Bank missions, including agenda, and set up meetings with relevant stakeholders. 17 Provide input to major REDD+ Readiness deliverables in the context of the FCPF, including input to the Mid-Term Report and Readiness Package. Contribute to timely delivery of these milestone deliverables in close coordination with the Technical Advisor.  Stakeholder Engagement and Coordination:  18 In coordination with the National REDD+ Focal Point, ensure effective and meaningful participation of all relevant stakeholders throughout the implementation of Readiness and preparation of the ERP. 19 Liaise through tracking and by consulting with external agencies on the processing and implementation delays in order to speed up output delivery; 20 Ensure a participatory and multi-sectoral consultative process in all phases of the implementation of tasks under the readiness grant agreement including the implementation of various consultancies; 21 Undertake any other actions related to the project under the instruction of the National REDD+ Focal Point; 22 Support the National REDD+ Focal Point with the preparation of reports, information papers, cabinet briefs and other documents for the purpose of reporting to national and international agencies, bodies, and fora; 23 Strengthen the involvement of the various government ministries, civil societies and community based organisations in the planning and implementation of REDD+ readiness activities. Contract Management:  24 Support management of all contracts and consultancies by the Technical Advisor. Control the process quality of each consulting contract to ensure that the specific methodologies and scope of work are agreed upon and adopted before and during the implementation of the tasks. 25 Closely monitor the deliverables and outputs of the consultancies to ensure timely and quality product delivery. 26 Organize regular meetings with the consultancies, Steering Committee, Working Groups, CSO platform and other stakeholders to ensure full and effective participation and consultation are carried out throughout the whole process of various consulting services. 


4 Minimum qualifications, experience and competencies  


Education: University degree, preferably a postgraduate qualification in environmental science, forestry, geography, other social sciences or related disciplines. 


Experience and Qualification: 


1 Minimum 7 years working experience in the field of project management related to forestry, climate change, environment and rural development with leadership experiences in project management, covering all aspects of project cycle management including financial management, budgeting, administration, human resources, 

monitoring and evaluation, auditing, and reporting. 2 Sound understanding of Fiji’s REDD+ programme, climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 3 Strong people skills, excellent integrator and team player. Results oriented. 4 Strong networking skills, preferably established networks with national and international agencies involved in REDD+ development 5 Demonstrated track record in the management, monitoring and reporting of development and/or natural resource management projects, preferably working with government, NGOs, and other key stakeholders in Fiji and the Pacific 6 Excellent English drafting and presentation skills and verbal command of iTaukei language  


The following will be an advantage:  


• Experience in the utilization of various communication media   • Facilitation skills utilising participatory tools  • Familiar with the REDD+ developments in Fiji  

Time Frame  

The time frame of the position will be from 15 June 2017 – 31 May 2019. This will however be reviewed annually and dependent on performance.  


 5. Key Performance Indicators  

1. A well-coordinated and functional National REDD+ programme   

2. Timely submission of quarterly progress reports, annual reports, financial reports and audit report as mandated under the FCPF grant agreement  

3. Successful coordination which ensures the delivery of the outcomes set under the R-PP document  

4. Internal procedures and fiduciary processes improved  

5. Effective engagement and active involvement of all relevant stakeholders improved and maintained throughout the program implementation phase     

6. Remuneration  


An annual gross salary of F$65,000 - $75,000 is offered. Starting salary will commensurate on experience and qualifications.  


All applications to be received by Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Publication Date: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2017