Event Calendar Fiji REDD+

International Day of Forests

Education & Research Working Group meeting

Fiji National REDD+ Steering Committee meetingg

FIJI CSO Platform – Work plan, training plan, funding opportunities

REDD+ Website training

National Sports Day

Opening of Fiji’s REDD+ Unit Office

National REDD+ Steering Committee meeting

Relocation Taskforce Workshop-Drafting of Relocation Guideline for Fiji

REDD+ Steering Committee Meeting

National REDD+ planning workshop

Land use planning guideline workshop

SPC/GIZ Regional REDD+ programme planning

Draubuta demo plot drip irrigation installation, bee box maintenance

MTA, MRMD training on FPIC

Communication Strategy workshop

Communication & Participation plan workshop

Biodiversity Monitoring workshop (tbc)

CSO Platform workshop (tbc)

MRV planning workshop (tbc)

Draubuta reforestation maintenance and replanting

REDD+ Steering Committee Meeting

International Day of Forests

Draubuta field monitoring, follow-up training, agroforestry demo plot maintenance

2nd - Women's Capacity Building Workshop

Submission of first ER-PIN draft

National iTaukei Resources Owners Committee (NTROC) meeting

REDD+ Steering Ccommittee meeting

Land Use ground truthing - report back to Mat Lewenikaya, Nawairabe village

Development of a Relocation guideline for Fiji

Meeting with safeguards working group

REDD+ Steering Committee meeting

Launching of the Fiji FCPF REDD+ readiness grant

Fiji REDD+ Steering Committee meeting

Land Use ground truthing Report back for Mataqali Lewenikaya; Nawairabe, Navosa

Fiji Early Idea for FCPF Carbon Fund

Establish fuel woodlots/reforestation in Draubuta village vicinity – ongoing

Land Use ground truthing Report back – Dranu LOs, Namuamua Namosi

REDD+ presentation to GM TLTB

Emalu Land Owner Consultation

REDD+ seminar for REDD+ Steering Committee members

REDD+ lease meeting with TLTB

Relocation Guideline Workshop

REDD+ Land Use Ground truthing Survey

Prep Workshop for Land Use Griud truthing Survey

Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Workshop

REDD+ Lease Workshop

Women's Empowerment and Capacity Building Workshop

REDD+ Steering Committee Meeting

Land Use Planning Report back

REDD+ - Reforestation Activity Workshop

Review 1st draft of Land Use Planning

German TV Crew - REDD+ Film, Emalu

Women's handicraft training in Draubuta village

Wrap up meeting on World Bank Visit-Special REDD+ SC meeting

World Bank Visit-Special REDD+ Steering Committee meeting

Biodiversity survey & biomass measurement of transition zones & grasslands in the vicinity of Emalu pilot site

Emalu REDD+ pilot site-Demarcation of Cultural Significant sites

Land Use Training/Mapping for Draubuta, Nakoro and Navitilevu village-Navosa

Consult LO in Namuamua village, Namosi

Workshop on CI reforestation experiences and carbon monitoring

Field trip to Conservation International Reforestation site

Emalu LO Rep visit/update to Mat. Emalu members residing outside of Draubuta village

PRA and Land Use Refresher Training

Meeting to discuss grassland biomass measurements

Awareness and consultation for Mat Lewenikaya, Matokana & Nawairabe village-Navosa

Stakeholder Meeting-Navatumali Government Station and Awareness/consultation for Tokatoka Narukutabua-Nubuyanitu

Tree Nursery Establishment and Management Training in Draubuta village

REDD+ Steering Committee Meeting

Consult LO in Nukuilau village(Navosa) on LU plan and development in Draubuta

Bee Keeping Training for Draubuta, Nakoro, Navitilevu village - Navosa

Awareness and Planning Meeting with Agriculture Research and Extension Division, Sigatoka

REDD+ Training Workshop - Draubuta, Nakoro and Navitilevu village

Fiji National REDD+ Steering Committe meeting

Emalu REDD+ pilot site Land Use survey - Nakoro village, Navosa

Emalu REDD+ pilot site Socio-economic survey - Nakoro village, Navosa

REDD+ meeting - World Bank to assess

REDD+ - Emalu Landowners meeting

Workshop - biodiversity indicators

REDD+ Strategy Stakeholder Consultaiton

Fiji REDD+ Steering Committee

Vunivia REDD+ Biodiversity & Archeaological Surveys

REDD+ TRAINING OF TRAINERS for the Soqosoqo Vakamarama iTaukei

National REDD+ SC meeting & REDD+ website launch

SSVM Trainer of Trainers REDD+ Workshop

REDD+ Vunivia Socio-economic & Land Use surveys

REDD+ Vunivia/Dogotuki Biodiversity & Archaeological Surveys

Pacific Regional Forestry Technical Meeting

Nakavu Preliminary Results Workshop

Emalu Socio-economic survey - Phase 2 for Nakoro & Draubuta village

Website meeting for http://fiji-reddplus.org/